I Am Not Static is a period of research for Jemima to explore curiosity and to test out collaboration with other artists.  Using the mediums of movement, photography and the moving image, I Am Not Static is an intimate exploration of falling and recovery.  Jemima is delighted to be researching some of this with the incredible Camilla Greenwell.

Thanks to the emergency relief fund from Arts Council England and some excellent support from the DCD (Dance Career Development Trust who offered dancers free coaching during lockdown with brilliant life coach Isabel Mortimer), Jemima has been able to take a creative pause, to get curious, not in relation to others.  As a parent, carer and life-partner, that doesn’t happen often.  Like, ever.

And now, the beginnings of a stirring, an uncurling.

Slowly, slowly and tentatively following a newfound curiosity with what there is.

Some Words:


Free fall.  the ground has fallen

sudden loss of.


creative community disorientating

confusing.  echo



unhelpful.  Time out.

social media



seeing the work

of comrades

in captivity.

Before creation comes

gestation.  I need to