• Candoco Dance Company – touring outdoor duet ‘A Graceful Act of Stupidity’ choreographed by Tom Roden of New Art Club with Jemima Hoadley & Annie Edwards.  Photos by Camilla Greenwell.

Join two flight attendants as they take you on a journey that slips seamlessly between the everyday and the poetic. Brace yourself for a playful, yet poignant ride on this most unusual journey, fast-propelling you towards the inevitable. Danced with charm and cheek, the two performers interweave delicious dancing with spoken word, gestural detail and British Sign Language. This masterful choreography is a microcosm of joy and pathos.

A Graceful Act of Stupidity is your entire life in a moment.

Choreography: Tom Roden, with Annie Edwards and Jemima Hoadley.

Dancers: Annie Edwards and Jemima Hoadley

Excerpts from A Graceful Act of Stupidity

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