• Jemima is developing a new live dance performance project with her 16-year-old son Nathan, who has Down’s Syndrome, type 1 diabetes and thyroid disease.

This project was instigated by a desire to give visibility to the ‘otherness’ of Nathan, a disabled teenager and Jemima in her role of mother and carer. Nathan’s voice is given authority and his view of the world and how they both fit into it is unpacked using the story of Romeo and Juliet to explore love, passion, family constellation and tragedy within their own lives.

The research for the project was supported by Metal Culture through residency, commission and a performance event at Southbank Unlimited Festival, The Space In Between in September 2018. Jemima received an Arts Council England research and development grant to support this initial stage, which enabled her to collaborate with verbatim sound artist and composer Jennifer Bell and award winning video artist Roswitha Cheshire.

You can see a video of the live scratch performance at Southbank here.

Together with their collaborators, Jemima and Nathan created a dance video, including verbatim conversations and verbatim songs.

Jemima and Nathan were in residency at Metal Southend in April and May 2019.

They workshopped movement with guest artists at Siobhan Davies Dance, London throughout the year.