Coco Butter by The Fish Police

Directed by Felipe Pagani

Movement direction by Jemima Hoadley, with Dan Daw

In 2014 Jemima Hoadley teamed up with director Felipe Pagani to create a music video for The Fish Police’s new single ‘Coco Butter’. Well known deaf artist and BSL consultant Daryl Jackson translated the song lyrics into BSL. Jemima recruited the Deaf and disabled dancers in the video and directed all the dancers movement, with a cameo appearance herself.



Directed by Felipe Pagani.
Movement direction by Jemima Hoadley, with Dan Daw.
BSL Translation by Daryl Jackson.

Styling by Wendy Quintana.  Make-up & Hair by Sasha O’Neill.
Produced by Crooks London. 


Ashley Miller
Boston Paul
Daniel de Mendoza
Dechen Gendun
Deepa Shastri
Hearns Sebuado
Jemima Hoadley
Laura Dajao
Jole PJ Pasquale
Ryan Naiken