I Am Not Static

I Am Not Static is an exhibition from Jemima Hoadley, in collaboration with Camilla Greenwell, as part of Artist Archive at Siobhan Davies Studios.

The exhibition runs from 11 March-11 August 2023 and is open for drop-in visits 10am – 6pm, Monday – Friday at Siobhan Davies Studios, London SE1.

I Am Not Static is an intimate exploration of falling and recovery, using movement, conversation, photography, and video as storytelling.

Jemima began this project at home in June 2020 during worldwide lockdown, shooting footage on her iPhone, as an experiment in capturing her falling form. Later that year Jemima entered a collaboration with photographer Camilla Greenwell, who was just beginning to explore the moving image as an art form and was curious about capturing movement that is somewhere between reality and performance. At a time when theatres & dance studios were closed, collaborating gave Jemima and Camilla an opportunity to delve deeper, exploring their practice through new disciplines, and create a body of experimental materials.

This Material Archive, shares some of Jemima & Camilla's creative exploration and unfinished work.

This is a time capsule of 2020-2021, of being cut-off from community and a reflection on the process of ageing, as a woman. Through the archive Jemima is in dialogue with her body (entering menopause), with time, moving with her 10-year-old daughter (on the cusp of puberty) and in conversation with a childhood friend.

At a time of being physically static - during global lockdown - time was not standing still............a cycle of falling and rising, from ashes, to ashes. Nothing is permanent.

You Are Not Static.

The audience is invited to engage kinetically with the performance around them, by moving and orienting themselves closer to one screen or another, and around other participants: engaging with overlapping sound and images.


Free fall. the ground has fallen
sudden loss of.

media. time out.
disconnect..actual. seeing.

in captivity.
earth. dust.
I need to. empty

(Jemima Hoadley, 2020)

photography by Camilla Greenwell.