Hiraeth is a sombre, moving and completely fitting tale for the present day. One that feels imbued with a sense of the history of struggle for the stateless everywhere…

Joe Turnbull

All in an Instant

Hoadley, a performer with a strikingly timeless presence…

Keith Watson

All in an Instant

…a magnificent duo.

La Press


…thematic concerns were particularly well served in the ambitious layering of movement…

Christinn Whyte (Australia)
2006 review of RED/WHITE (3 minute dance film presented in London Dance on Screen 2006)

All in an Instant

All in an instant was a psycho-geographic tale of bodies and cities; the fear of exposure and the seduction of anonymity within a mass of buildings and flesh….very engaging…

Martin Hargreaves
Dance Theatre Journal

All in an Instant

Choreographer Jemima Hoadley creates a rich texture of movement and words in an understated yet powerful way…

Prarthana Purkayastha


A double bass jazz-line, interspersed with the chill of a haunting winter breeze hypnotically unravels her humanity.

Mandy Richards

Review for Hiraeth

Hiraeth Jemima Hoadley

“Hiraeth takes you on a sensory journey, with a clear life-cycle arc from birth to death, following a group of six wandering people as they navigate the world in a… Read more “Review for Hiraeth”